Mr. Policeman Game Model

Standing at 3600k Polys.. My first completed game model:


Everything done in Blender.. except the Textures.. mostly done in Photoshop.. with seams touchup in Blender using Texture Painting tool.. As you can see from the UVs, i actually have the inside shirt with textures, hehe.. could have done without it.. but i thought what the heck.. so instead of deleting the faces i just unwrapped and textured it all the same..

I know its not yet top notch work.. a lot of work could have been done with the textures.. for example, i got lazy and didnt add shoulder straps for the vest and i didnt paint him any zippers.. but still good enough for now.. kinda happy with the results.. spent Friday modeling it and Sunday texturing..

K some updates,

  • going to start my 2 weeks Gobelin’s masterclass tmro.. quite excited about that as well..
  • Still working on the CG Babe project but gonna use that for a cg competition (8 weeks to complete it)..
  • Going to enter 11 sec club this month as well..
  • Will be upgrading my comp soon, mainly Cpu Casing and HDD… also am looking into using dual boot with linux.. seems to work well with Blender.. and open source woot-a-woot!

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